Monday 17th of February 2014 by Gabi

Roasted Peppers Pasta

Don’t you love those days when you can freely fire up your oven, cooking in sub-zero, Polar Vortex days as we have this wonderful winter in Chicago. There’s something comforting about that. Looks like the North Pole decided to move down here and we are uber-thrilled. Or NOT.
Every now and then we would have enough of this, pack up and head to Florida for a month or so. At least we break this winter in two. That’s when I tried this roasted peppers pasta, inspired from Jamie Oliver’s Cook with Jamie

roasted peppers pasta

I twisted this recipe adding mushroom and asparagus, which both can be easily left out if you aren’t a fan of those. Same with Blue Cheese which understandably, isn’t everyone’s friend. This dish includes plenty assertive ingredients (anchovies, garlic, blue cheese) to have a glorious outcome.

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Wednesday 10th of October 2012 by Gabi

All American Taco and Taco Potion #19


the all-American Taco

It so happened that this week my bro in law Tim shared some of his catch of corn kernels and slacked lime (a.k.a cal), from his meandering in Mexican grocery stores. I saw Alton Brown’s episode on how to make corn tortilla from scratch so I went on and tried it out. People – why on Earth are you still buying corn tortillas as the store? Don’t give me the “convenience” story. You will have to try this at least once – you’ll make yourself a favor. Please!

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Thursday 8th of March 2012 by Gabi

Alton Brown’s Chili Powder

chilli powder.jpg

chilli powder

I am a big fan of Alton Brown as you may already know, as well as a big fan for home made spices. And when these two come together, the result is an instant combustion that will make every chilli recipe (or any other that call for chili powder) a winner.

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Thursday 22nd of December 2011 by Gabi

Cranberry Walnut Celebration Bread


Cranberry-Walnut Celebration Bread

With three days before Christmas, while the southern plains are pummeled with snow storms, Chicago enjoys a strange mild winter with temperatures in the mid 40s with no precipitations! As much as I enjoy a white Christmas, and believe me, we have quite a bit of those in Chicago, I also appreciate spending time in the kitchen, baking, instead of shoveling snow.

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Wednesday 14th of December 2011 by Gabi

Crepe Recipe Song

So, what happens if you like to cook, you like writing songs and like video-production? You might start singing about recipes and post them in a videosong. Which just happened with me. It’s a practical song that you can actually cook! Crepes Recipe is the debut song from a collection of videosongs I plan to post in an album called “Kitchen Tunes”.
You can download the Crepe Recipe mp3 for free from Reverb Nation.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you cooked this Crepes Recipe and if you liked it!

Wednesday 30th of November 2011 by Gabi

The Paw Paw in Our Backyard

Pawpaw Fruit

Shrubs, flowers, ornamental trees of all sorts,  are very common to find in a usual suburban backyard but a Pawpaw tree? That’s what you will find if you come to our backyard (actually two of them).

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Thursday 17th of November 2011 by Gabi

The Return of Sour Dough – Night One

Day One - sponge, starter feeding and grains

For those of you lucky dogs and ducks that inherited a piece of my multi-million dollar sourdough starter, here is the first blog post in the series discussing how to actually bake a sourdough bread that will gain back your spouse’s respect, as your kids and friends would bow in front of you and address you as “Your Royal Majesty”. This series is a remastered version of the original Sourdough Chronicles I wrote a while ago.

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Friday 7th of October 2011 by Gabi

Meeting Alton Brown

Meeting Alton Brown

Alton Brown and a nervous Gabi

Many of you are aware by know of my obsession with Alton Brown’s Good Eats food network show. It is possibly because of my affinity to science, cooking, film making and… geeky-ness. The Good Eats show captures all these in a fascinating way, so each episode is a new load of knowledge, history tips and tricks, and a wonderful recipe that makes sense — unlike other food shows where the star just slaps you with a recipe and that’s it.

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Wednesday 5th of October 2011 by Gabi

Godiva Coffee Tiramisu

Pin It

Godiva Caramel Pecan Coffee Tiramisu

Godiva Caramel Pecan Coffee Tiramisu

Look, I understand that everyone who puts his or her hand on a Godiva’s Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Pecan Bark coffee should instantly think of brewing it and drinking it as fresh or in a beverage of sorts. But why not trying these coffee blends in a dessert recipe like Tiramisu, and sipping freshly brewed along with it?

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Monday 19th of September 2011 by Gabi

Not Your Mom-in-Law’s Stir-Fry, but Mine!


stir fry

stir fry


I am also a musician, and like to improvise on my guitar when we are getting together with a couple folks for a jam-session. This recipe will give you the freedom of doing just that… culinarily speaking (don’t use this dish to play music, it might get awkward).  It’s my Mother-in-Law’s Stir Fry recipe that was posted on one of those church Cookbook collections. It beats a lot of recipes out there, and I can vouch for it since I am making it every other week! The secret is in the garlic, of course. Read on, good people…

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