Wordless Friday – Porcini Risotto with Aragula and Tomato Salad

Home grown aragula & tomato salad
Home grown arugula & tomato salad

There’s nothing like an arugula and tomato salad that was grown in your backyard – our plot in my case. The nutty arugula flavor combines sublimely with the acidity of the tomato. No comparison with store bought produce. The porcini risotto was my first try to stick with the original recipe. But for some reason I had to go 8 minutes over the religious 14 minutes of cooking the risotto after the first stock scoop. Nevertheless it turned out wicked!

Arugula 3 weeks old

Ripened Tomatoes


Porcini Risotto

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9 thoughts on “Wordless Friday – Porcini Risotto with Aragula and Tomato Salad”

  • Ahhh! Beautiful. A picture is worth a thousand words, in this case, 4 pictures = 4000 words! Our tomatoes are now ripe as well so we’ve been enjoying them too. There is really no comparison with store-bought tomatoes. 🙂

  • Hey Sam! Thanks a lot for the comment!

    Yes – I remember very well your last year’s tomato! In fact was that your Dad-in-Law that had that immense specimen grown?!? I think you have a picture of it on your blog.

  • Gabi, I thought the cooking time for risotto is 22 minutes precisely. That’s after you begin adding stock. I can’t imagine the rice would cook in under 20 even if I’d toast it a good while. At least mine never does. I’d love to try a shortcut!

  • This does look fantastic. Some great looking food and those high-res pictures just set it off. Only problem is that I’m hungry now! Thanks for this post.

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