Pregnant Tomato?

This can happen to you too, if you keep a tomato too long on the counter. My wife cut one open and bingo! The seeds started to hatch!
What looked like a perfectly fine tomato, soon proved that was in fact that it was a pregnant tomato with all these seeds starting to germinate inside of it!
I wonder what would have happened if we would have left it uncut!

Curious thing…

Seedlings in Tomatoe


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14 thoughts on “Pregnant Tomato?”

  • Oh, what a trip! This is kind of like when you cut into a bell pepper, and there are little peppers growing inside. But then, they are hollow, not wet like a tomato. I’ll bet you could plant those sprouts, though. I don’t see why they wouldn’t turn into little tomato plants!

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

  • Jessie: I had one of those bell peppers the other day! You feel like preserving it somehow and pop it on a display.

    Sam: yes, although as Joan mentioned, it might have gone bad. But maybe just pull out the seedlings and replant?

    Lanie: We actually ate it! Nothing different taste wise from a regular Tomato…

    Thanks for the comments all!!

  • Maggie: We did eat it! Nothing unusual! Except some funny noises from our stomachs 🙂

    Taste memory Girl: It sure looked like they were worms initially.

  • So did you get tummyache after having it? Oh dear, I really wonder if it’s poisonous. I know for potatoes, if they grow something on their skin, it’s poisonous and those cannot be consumed.

  • It tasted perfectly fine and there were no upset stomach after eating it.
    I think we just threw those seedlings into the salad. It looked interesting.

    thanks for the comments!

  • LOL i thought u would have a recipe for stuffed tomatoes! i’ve never heard of “rosie incoltita” lol

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