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So, I finally was able to sit down and watch Food, Inc. yesterday and ended up scratching my head about what to do from here. Robert Kenner did an excellent job at presenting the blunt fact about our food supply chain from seed, egg, suckling pig or calf to our tables.

While I  was aware of our complex food system’s concerns, the movie brought it home in a new light – it is really down to my choice in deciding what I buy, cook and eat.

Without spoiling the movie, Robert Kenner cuts to the heart of today’s food industry with blunt imagery and truth.

One thing that hit me was how the majority of the corporations presented in the movie refused to give interviews! As a consumer, by default I should have a right to know what I’m eating, buying and where my food is coming from! Corporations use skillful marketing and labeling to hide what actually goes on in the preparation process and methods. Well of course, because if you would be aware of it, you would probably end buying their products!

Check your broadcast schedule and watch FOOD, Inc. You owe it to yourself and your family!

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11 thoughts on “Food, Inc. Must Be Watched”

  • I agree it is really fascinating. Since watching it, I’ve realized the importance of learning for ourselves what is in our food (not trusting the FDA/government to do it for us) and have been shocked by how many things have high-fructose corn syrup in them.

  • Shannalee – thanks for the comment! You have a good point – you cannot trust the FDA! In the movie at one point shows how much their inspection rate decreased over the years! And they always get the wrong guy – lol.

  • Watching that video has really changed how I view a lot of food. I can hardly eat beef now because of it. But–I scored today with 27 pounds of grass fed beef for just $3 a pound. A friend of mine had a freezer full and has to move in less than a month. I am so excited to be able to eat meat again without thinking about what that meat ate first.

  • Tiff!

    You lucky duck! Whoa – $3.00/Lb that’s a steel! So what are you going to do with it? Send half to your brother-in-law in Chicago just to show your appreciation??? 🙂

  • I’ve been very aware of all this for years but it puts a whole new spin on it when you actually see it. You should also watch “King Corn”. Another one that will floor you at how much genetically modified corn is in most of the stuff you buy & you don’t even know it. I crack up when I speak to someone who actually believes the FDA is looking out for us. They have harassed our local farmers. It is all about money.

    I buy grain in bulk & grind my own wheat, buy eggs from a person who has a bunch of chickens, make NOTHING from a box for my family, & avoid corn (if not organic), soy & msg like the plague. And, Shannalee, if you think there’s a lot of corn syrup in products, you should take notice of how much soy & msg is in foods. The code names for msg alone will amaze you. We have a few local farmers where you can get beef, chicken & pork, all grassfed & grass finished. It can get pricey so we stick to chicken & ground beef. There is a great association called The Weston A. Price Foundation. There are chapters all over the US and you can join their Yahoo chat group. Although I don’t subscribe to every single thought process, it is a wonderful sight for information & you can find how to get a lot locally. OH, and Costco carries grassfed beef. But, support your small local farmers when you can!

  • Dawn –

    Thanks for the reply! I actually JUST watched “King Corn” a couple weeks ago and indeed I was intrigued too at how much it is about money! Specially that the big companies are so secretive about what’s going on behind the closed doors of their plants! As if some big secret will be revealed if someone gets in there with a camera!
    Thanks for the info on the Weston A. Price Foundation! What a wealth of info! I found the Illinois contacts here:

    Keep in touch and thanks for the great comment!!

  • I watched that movie too, it’s awesome and all the foodies should watch it, and actually not only foodies but everyone who’s interested what’s on his plate. I’m vegetarian so I don’t have to worry about meat in my kitchen but I still eat eggs and drink milk. I always buy eggs in my neighborhood grocery store that specializes in food from local farms and I always buy over there incredibly fresh, organic eggs from local farmers.
    If you’re interested in that topic you should also watch “Food Matters”, it touches similar subjects and I believe you can watch it online on Netflix.

  • I agree- its not encouraging that so many refused interviews. Certainly doesn’t help improve the corporation’s images and doesn’t make me want to buy their product. It’s so scary thinking about all the scary things that not only go in our food, but how it becomes our food (think chickens, cows, pigs…) It’s just not right and something has to be done. But it’s hard to know where to start.

  • Magda: Thanks for the reply! Absolutely – Food Matters also is one of the movies that pulls away the veil on the food industry. Official trailer here. And Food Matters web site here.

    Rachael: Thanks for the comment – I suppose raising awareness through our blogs would be a good first step. I know it helped me find some of the best local farm sources in the area I leave. Also transforming our suburban Chicago backyard into a mini-farm (fruit trees for now and hopefully egg-laying chicken later, if I can convince the mayor – lol).

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