Food, Inc. Must Be Watched


So, I finally was able to sit down and watch Food, Inc. yesterday and ended up scratching my head about what to do from here. Robert Kenner did an excellent job at presenting the blunt fact about our food supply chain from seed, egg, suckling pig or calf to our tables.

While I  was aware of our complex food system’s concerns, the movie brought it home in a new light – it is really down to my choice in deciding what I buy, cook and eat.

Without spoiling the movie, Robert Kenner cuts to the heart of today’s food industry with blunt imagery and truth.

One thing that hit me was how the majority of the corporations presented in the movie refused to give interviews! As a consumer, by default I should have a right to know what I’m eating, buying and where my food is coming from! Corporations use skillful marketing and labeling to hide what actually goes on in the preparation process and methods. Well of course, because if you would be aware of it, you would probably end buying their products!

Check your broadcast schedule and watch FOOD, Inc. You owe it to yourself and your family!

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