Mamaliga on Foodbuzz Spotlight!

foodbuzz-gabiThe main chef at Mamaliga strikes again! This time featured in the spotlight of, the online foodie community, a superb social and culinary network for all of us passionate about cooking

A unique community in itself, that let’s you and me connect, share, discuss view and track every little crumb of your life in the kitchen and beyond. It is a community that buzzes about food!

From browsing thousands of recipes voted by the foodbuzz community, savoring the Daily Special recipe, to the 24 Meals, 24 Hours, 24 Posts monthly event, presenting 24 unique meals that take place around the world in 24 hours.

So one thing I don’t understand is why – oh why – you, dear reader who appreciate cooking, food and fellow foodies,  didn’t created yet an account with Foodbuzz and start the exciting journey in a community that’s all about it!


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3 thoughts on “Mamaliga on Foodbuzz Spotlight!”

  • Way to go, Gabi! Great photo with the spatula in your mouth! LOL I don’t think they will ever feature me, but I am glad to see that they’re expanding their horizon of favourites. I always enjoy your posts and recipes, and now many more people will also get the opportunity to discover what we already know about your love of food! Good stuff!!!

  • I laugh every time I see that photo of you. It’s great. Congrats on the spotlight. You deserve it. I agree FoodBuzz is a good organization and I am pleased that they continually are trying to improve our experience.

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