Newtons Fruit Thins Review

Newtons Fruit Thins
Newtons Fruit Thins

Look, how can say NO to a chance of reviewing a cookie (or more)? And how can you relax better than sitting down on a summer afternoon, with a bag of Newton Fruit Thins, a real espresso, and a laptop ready for the review? It doesn’t happen often so might as well dig in… Literally.

The Thin

Not sure about you but there’s a certain short-circuit going on in my brain between the thickness and the crunchiness of what defines a cookie. For some reason anything that is thicker than 5-7 mm and crispy, I develop an instant repulsion. There’s no need to use extra jaw muscle to try taking a bite of a crispy cookie. So having “Thins” in their name and a proper 5 mm thickness, the Newtons successfully passed my definition of a cookie with a pleasant texture as all thin cookies should have.


The Fruity

The ones I received were the Blueberry Brown Sugar Newtons Fruit Thins, although there are three more flavors:

  • Cranberry Citrus Oat
  • Chocolate Raspberry
  • Fig & Honey

The very first thing I noticed while opening the bag was a very defined and inviting true blueberry aroma, instead of other who-knows-what preservatives or artificial smells. In other words, there’s nothing artificial tickling your nose sensors like high fructose corn syrup and the like. If you are familiar (and you should be) with blueberry waffles aroma in the morning, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Newton Fruit Thins

The Cookie

What does one expect in a cookie? I mean what expectations are setup in your mind between the time you reach for it on the plate and the first bite? True flavor, sublime taste, great texture, balanced sweetness, not overpowering, minimal crumb waste, would be some of the qualities I am looking forward to taste in a true cookie. If you can imagine a cross between the above mentioned blueberry waffles, a field trip to a blueberry farm and a thin scone, you might just be able to get a hold of what I am trying to convey. Of course the best way is to go out and try that for yourself then come back and leave a comment below of your impressions!

The Blueberry Brown Sugar Newtons Fruit Thins are made with real blueberry (you can actually see and taste the blueberry chunks), and with real brown sugar. If your health conscious mindset keeps you back from anything that has  “cookie” in its name, be at peace since these have 8 grams of whole grains added, and 140 calories/serving so there’s really nothing to keep you back from a great snack!

Disclosure: As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received one bag of  Blueberry and Brown Sugar Newton Fruit Thins.

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11 thoughts on “Newtons Fruit Thins Review”

  • I have been eating Fig Newtons (all flavors) for many years and ejoyed them all.
    The new Newtons are absolutely the most delicious cookie both in texture and flavor. I have tried all the flavors and can not tell you which one I liked best because; each one is unique. I can not say enough about these cookies. You have out did yourselves. Thank you for a great adult cookie.

  • A true blueberry flavour is something to cherish, as it is hard to come by. I absolutely despise artificial flavouring if it tastes like …well, artificial. Good to hear, that these cookies are different. I might want to add, that the good taste might have something to do with the crispness of the cookie. Easier to disperse aroma.

  • I have always considered myself a cookie expert. When I saw the TV ad for Newtons Fruit Thins, I was intrigued, so I bought the Blueberry/brown sugar. OMG! These cookies are heavenly! The orange flavor — to die for! Now maybe I can quit mourning the loss of Keebler Opera Cremes. 🙂

  • Absolutely love these cookies, I also enjoy them with an espresso in the afternoon, a perfect little pick-me-up.

  • I absolutely love these cookies – so thin and light something I have never been able to master when baking myself. Thanks for the great review

  • i feel sad about my review of these cookies. others have good things to say. i have tasted every fruit thin & i have the same reaction as i had when they first came out. the flavor & texture is good but i have to have a container nearby to discard the fruit chunks. they are so hard. i have good original teeth. but i chew & chew these cookies. sorry to say i still have to discard the fruit chunks. i wish Nabisco could somehow make the fruit chunks easier on the bite. that way i would be able to eat the entire cookie without discarding the fruit chunks.

  • I can see that Pat. The thing is that I was dipping them in coffee and that made it a bit chewable. thanks for the comment!

  • I loved the first batch of fruit thins and bought and tasted them all!! Delightful! Now for the second round I bought the banana chocolate drizzled ones and am I upset. The chocolate is so soft it melts all over your hands and it is messy! The beauty of fruit thins is they are thin, crunchy, portable and not messy. Couldn’t you figure out a way to put tiny chunks of chocolate into the cookie so that there would be no messy. If you are marketing to adults primarily then you have sadly missed the boat with the chocolate drizzle. Chocolate drizzle is for cups and spoons not thin wonderful cookies. Please fix them fast as the banana is enticing and with chocolate would be an instant winner!!!! Thanks

  • I tried the newest thins with chocolate drizzle on the tops. Was very disappointed because chocolate melted all over my fingers and made quite a mess. The thins I thought were supposed to be primarily an adult marketed cookie so gloppy chocolate mess defeats the purpose for me. Just leave the chocolate off or figure out a way to put tiny chips inside the cookie. Thanks!!

  • I was first attracted to the cookie by the lemony flavor. Now, it’s gone! I have tried the blueberry and cranberry and just can’t taste those fruits at all. Please, a lemony thin cookie is a good thing. Bring it back. Leave the chocolate to Oreos.

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