The ‘Light’ Bacon Explosion

Bacon Explosion
Bacon Explosion

Had to do it. I knew it was going to come. The notorious creation of the BBQ Addicts, The Bacon Explosion a scandalous arteries clogging log of sausage, with crispy bacon bits, wrapped in … you guessed a layer of thick bacon! No trace of a vegetable in sight! None.

Manual Meat Grinder
Manual Meat Grinder

No need to elaborate on the Bacon Explosion recipe since it’s already detailed at the very source – The BBQ Addicts. The only thing that I tweaked was that instead of buying the loose sausage from the store, I went on and made my own since I already have the #10 hand cranked heavy-duty meat grinder I absolutely love, as I can now choose the meat that goes in my sausage (that was pork butt)! In fact they even suggest doing so if you are the adventurer type.

Also I didn’t use the thick cut bacon, simply because I didn’t have the time to run to the store, – I used the regular thin cut one. And as for the rub and barbeque sauce, I did my own a while ago so I had those already.

The result was remarkable and (surprisingly) a very lean Bacon Explosion, against all my expectations!! I imagined this fat-dripping mass of intense mass of meat, but I got a very nicely packed texture with just the right amount of fat content.

I cannot think of any other reasons this Bacon Explosion turned out so lean and mean, but the ground 5 Lbs pork butt I grinded myself, and the thin cut bacon. Nevertheless it was an absolute barbeque delicacy (in the BBQ-ish sense of the word) full with wicked flavors, but not as fat cringe inducing (as for some) as I thought!

Bacon Explosion on the grill

Sliced Bacon Explosion

I think I could call this the Light Bacon Explosion.

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13 thoughts on “The ‘Light’ Bacon Explosion”

  • It tasted indeed lovely – but I am not sure I’ll do it again. Although it made some delicious sourdough sandwiches the second day. I’ll have to go measure my cholesterol level after this one.

  • When I make meatloaf for my husband, I wrap it in bacon and place it on a cookie rack, over a jelly roll pan – it gets perfectly crispy all the way around!

    Sadly, I once tried to hide veggies in there, but he found them! 😀

  • Hehe – you can’t fool a meat lover! Or at least on that particular subject.
    Never made meatloaf wrapped in bacon! Good point!
    Thanks for the comment!

  • i don’t even like bacon and i want to eat this up! love it! love your blog, just found it. I’m excited to peek around!!

  • Natalie!

    Thanks for the comments! Tell me more – you don’t like bacon?? And you’ve been to Romania I see!! Let’s talk!!


  • Intriguing! Pork stuffed with pork with a pork topper. I love it! Beautiful preparation with that weaving too! This would be a real crowd pleaser at a tailgate part I would imagine, maybe just a little to decadent for your average at home menu.
    Thanks for the interesting post!

  • Jessica:
    Thanks for the comment! Indeed decadent. I considerit the ‘chocolate’ of all BBQs.

    Thanks for the comment!
    Hehe – you should measure your cholesterol before… and after! 🙂

  • That is one of the best ones I’ve seen so far. I hate the burnt bacon and it don’t taste as good. I like my bacon just before it’s crispy. Could you plese send me your recipe on the light bacon explosion.

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