Kitchen Revamp – Day 5

Semi-functional kitchen
Semi-functional kitchen

Ok, I promise I’ll post about our final passion (COOKING)  soon, and not going to bore you with my kitchen cabinetry, etc. I’ll just journal this here to have it for posterity – okay? So, bear with me for a few days.

I managed this weekend to have the 80 year old stove and our fridge (major thing) back into place and start mounting the cabinets. My goal was to have our water running (and draining) by Monday.

Was  very long weekend but managed with some help from my in-laws to mount the wall and base cabinets, have the butcher-block counter-top in place and the sink functional.

The wall wasn’t quite straight so, I had to go through certain tweaks and shimming to align the cabinets to perfection. While Mark (my Father in law – the best Pizzaiolo I know – more on him later) was mounting the rail that will hold the wall cabinets, I started to put together the corner cabinets, and bring them up from the basement. Things looked promising – like resembling a kitchen of some sort. In goes the corner cabinet (nothing like a smiling, aproving wife).

Mark Drilling Steph & Corner Cabinet

In go the rest of the cabinets and Lazy Susan – why do they call it like that after all??

Wall cabinets mounted Lazy Susan in!

Filling the cabinets Betti

Steph was ready to fill the wall cabinets as soon as they were into place. Betti, ( Mom in Law) helped with that too. It’s a family business.

The Butcher Block Counter-Top

This was probably the most delicate chapter of all. Had to join the “L” shaped counter tops plus fit a 13″ piece difference between them as the long one (96″) wasn’t long enough to butt the shorter one in the corner.

Butcher block Butcher Block

IKEA makes a beautiful piece of heavy and solid beech butcher-block counter top named “NUMERAR” (don’t you digg their names?). Unfortunately they only come in two sizes 96″ and 43″, and I had to buy an extra 43″ piece just for that joining 13″ piece.

Corner Butcher Block

But it was well worth it. I refused to go with IKEA’s joining solution (using a metallic strip that runs across the joint) since I wanted to have a clean surface with no impeding elements in the way. I bake a lot of bread and that little metallic strip would be something annoyingly in the way while I knead.

Sink In!

Had to choose between a porcelain-clad or a stainless-steel sink. While the porcelain looked more classy, reviews pointed out that over the years the gloss wears off leaving a matte surface that will loos its glorious pure white look. So, practicability won over good looks (Gosh – I even sound smart sometimes).

Functional Sing! Sink in

So, that’s how you got closer to the end of reading about my kitchen revamp posts and I got closer to a finished kitchen.

Smack On!


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7 thoughts on “Kitchen Revamp – Day 5”

  • An outstanding result. I expected nothing less than perfection and that’s what you’ve delivered. You could do this for a living, you know. Impressive photography, too.

    Looks like it’s ready for some cookin’ now.

  • Gabi,

    I love that butcher block counter top! 🙂 Does my soul good just to look at it.

    The kitchen looks great. As for the 80 year old stove, well, let’s just say they don’t make things like they used to. Do you think today’s stoves would last that long? Some of them might, but how many?

    Nice to see that the renovation was a family affair. It’s much the same with us.

    You’ve definitely piqued my curiosity regarding your pizzaiolo father-in-law, so I’m looking forward to learn more.

    Be Well My Friend!


  • Thanks Sam!

    Thanks for the comments!
    Yes I am planning a whole post and video also – very exciting.


  • Well done! I envy you! We live in an apartment — in a brilliant location, not complaining at all. But, sigh, we can’t do as many kitchen modifications as we’d like to. Great site! How has your experience been with FoodBuzz been? I haven’t signed up yet as a publisher, would like to hear the experience of others first. Have a great week!

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