Meeting Alton Brown

Meeting Alton Brown
Alton Brown and a nervous Gabi

Many of you are aware by know of my obsession with Alton Brown’s Good Eats food network show. It is possibly because of my affinity to science, cooking, film making and… geeky-ness. The Good Eats show captures all these in a fascinating way, so each episode is a new load of knowledge, history tips and tricks, and a wonderful recipe that makes sense — unlike other food shows where the star just slaps you with a recipe and that’s it.

Good Eats Book Tour

Alton is out and about promoting his latest Good Eats 3: The Later Years book summing up his experience producing the latest and last Good Eats series, in a beautiful format featuring the “re-mastered” receipes per episode with plenty tips, explanations and on top of these even plans on how to make the sock puppet that played “yeast”. I’ll be entertained and inspired for a good amount of time reading it through.

Was also struck how pleasant Alton Brown is in person! No big stardom aura around him as the case with other no-so-famous chef celebrities. Very humble and warm. He made sure every fan got his/her fair share of signing the books, taking pictures and answering a couple questions! I was number 173 in line but got a chance to sit right in the front row and observe his interaction with the fans!

What a great guy!!

meeting Alton Brown

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